Steve Gardner

Creative coder

I’m an experienced interactive developer and designer. I design and make websites, mobile apps, interactive installations and games. I’m based near Exeter (UK) but I regularly undertake work for clients around the world.

Worked with

Worked on

Black Swan branding

I designed the new Black Swan logo, creating vectors, animations and brand guidelines. The logo is built around specific shapes inspired by the golden ratio.

Walkers brand site

I built and maintained this ever changing website. It went through many versions over time, the latest being built in a custom HTML5 framework driving a unique location based navigation.

Doritos brand site

I built and maintained the Doritos brand site. Built so it can easily be 'skinned' depending on Doritos' varied promotions. It's all HTML except for the products page which is currently Flash (although a HTML5 version is ready but not online).

Black Swan Nest

The nest platform is a vast insights platform. Using the latest technologies for both front and back end, it's a best in class app, used by many big companies including Disney, Pepsico, Mars, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). I designed and built the vast majority using AngularJS, D3 and CSS3 animations to transform complicated analytics into a easy to understand and fun experience.


This was a personal project made for my wedding. It allowed guests to leave as many personal messages and photos as they liked using a touchscreen computer. At the end of the night I exported all of the guestbook pages to an iPad to enjoy on our honeymoon! It was later printed as real hardback book. It has been used at 2 other weddings since.

Pack It In

I designed and built a game based on Tetris for Lays Canada and Walkers crisps. The player has to pack different shaped holiday luggage into the boot of a car before running out of space. As the luggage drops in, the car's suspension lowers and as they near the top the hazard lights start to flash. This game runs in English and French.

Walkers Win a Tenner

I built the frontend website for the Win a Tenner campaign for Walkers. The UK was split into a very large grid, and customers would choose a square where they thought it would rain. If they were right they would win £10. As you can imagine it was very popular! In fact over 800,000 predictions were made with over 128,000 winners.

Big View

Big View is a large touchscreen application I designed and built to run on Microsoft's Pixelsense (formally Microsoft Surface) tables. It shows real-time big data visualisations based around a world map. Used by Disney and Eversheds.

Walkers Baked

I built this one page microsite for Walkers Baked Stars. As a fully responsive site it scales gracefully from Desktop all the way down to mobile.

Flavour Fandango

I designed and built Flavour Fandango for Walkers during their 'Flavour Cup' promotion. It's a 'Bust-a-Move' style game that could be played either as single player or as 2 player multiplayer. Players on different computers would be paired up and tried to survive longer than their opponent by using their power-ups to either help their own game or to disrupt their opponents.

Fling a Flavour

I designed and built Fling a Flavour, a game for Walkers' Do us a Flavour competition. Players would upload an image of either themselves or a friend and try to fling as much food as they could at them in one minute. Walkers liked it so much they asked for a Christmas version of the game later that year.

Red Sky

The Red Sky website was a real garden live streamed via one HD webcam and four SLR cameras. The user would click on real objects in the garden to navigate the website. Being a live video feed the garden had to be lit during the night so users could still click around the site! We also saved a frame at regular intervals so the user could roll back time and see a timelapse of the garden growing and developing over time.

You've Been Framed

I built ITV's You've Been Framed video uploader and player. Users can view submitted videos or upload their own. Following moderation the videos appear on the website and can even be selected to appear on the TV show.